Yerevan 2800 events schedule

What is more astonishing is that Yerevan is, in fact, older than 2800. Archaeologists have sound evidence to claim that the territory of Erebuni-Yerevan was settled much earlier


October 20-21 marks the 2800th anniversary of the founding of Armenia’s current capital Yerevan. Yerevan flourished as a city around the fortress Erebuni, founded by the Urartian King Argishti the First, in 782 B.C. The name “Yerevan” itself is an evolutionary transformation of “Erebuni”.

Archaeological excavations and diggings have come to witness that Erebuni fortress is, in reality, the founding pillar of Yerevan, being located in the capital’s south eastern part. One of the astounding evidences discovered during the excavations is a cuneiform script written by Argishti the First, the founder of Erebuni. The wedge writing states the following:

“By the greatness of the God Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, built this mighty stronghold and proclaimed it Erebuni for the glory of Biainili (Urartu) and to instill fear among the king’s enemies. Argishti says: The land was a desert, before the great works I accomplished upon it. By the greatness of Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, is a mighty king, king of Biainili, and ruler of Tushpa.”

What is more astonishing is that Yerevan is, in fact, older than 2800. Archaeologists have sound evidence to claim that the territory of Erebuni-Yerevan was settled much earlier.

Yerevan 2800 anniversary

Fortified settlements dating back to the 4th millennium B.C. include Shengavit, Tsitsernakaberd, Teishebaini (Karmir Blur), Arin Berd, and Berdadzor, which constitute an inseparable part of Yerevan’s entirety.

Schedule of Events in Yerevan – October 21, 2018

Yerevan Marathon
With the participation of 2800 runners

From 08:00, at Shahumyan Square

Multiethnic Yerevan
Stage of National Minorities

12:00 – 18:00, at English park

I am in Love with You, Yerevan
Cycling Race
12:00 – 13:00, Shahumyan square, V. Sargsyan, Amiryan, Mashtots, Koryun, Abovyan streets, Republic square, Tigran Mets, Erebuni museum

Sunny Yerevan
Festive programs for children
13:00 – 18:00, at Children’s Park after Kirov

Festive Yerevan
Brass bands parade
14:00 – 15:00, at Liberty square, Tumanyan str., Mashtots str., Amiryan str., Republic Square

My classical Yerevan
Classical music stage
14:00 – 18:00, in front of Yerevan State Conservatory

Yerevan sketches
Stage of music bands
15:00 – 18:00, at North Avenue

My Armenian Yerevan
Stage for national songs and dances
16:00 – 22:00, at Liberty Square

My Jazz Yerevan
Jazz music stage
16:00 – 21:00, at Cascade

Yerevan Rock
Rock music stage
17:00 – 22:00, at Aznavour Square

From Urartu up to these days
Taraz (national costumes) exhibition
18:00 – 19:00, at North Avenue

Gala Concert
​19:30 – 21:00, at Republic Square


*Yerevan History Museum – Free Entry
11:00 – 19:00, 1 Argishti 1

*Erebuni Fortress-Museum – Free Entry
11:00 – 19:00, Erebuni street

What are you waiting for?

All things considered, Yerevan 2800 is a perfect opportunity to visit Armenia and get a first-hand experience of what it is like to participate in the birthday celebration of one the world’s oldest capitals. This is truly a historical moment.

Yerevan is calling! Pack your suitcases and head to Zvartnots Airport. If you are interested in how to plan your vacation to Armenia, you will certainly need some travel essentials pertaining to passports, Armenian visa policies, the most thrilling places to visit, and more. Feel free to consult different sections of our website, to make sure your visit is planned to the fullest.

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