Global Innovation Forum 2018: Engineering the Evolution


The Global Innovation Forum titled “Engineering the Evolution” is set to bring together cutting-edge research from the frontiers of biology and the most futuristic exploration of data and intelligence.

General information:

  • Event Dates: October 29-31
  • Organizer: FAST – Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology
  • Venue: National Gallery of Armenia

The Forum is a microcosm of innovation, providing immersed technological experience and demonstrating the linkages between the disruptive technologies and industries of the future. It is also a platform that bridges Academia and Industry, assembling some of the brightest minds and executives from the worlds of biology and data science.

The Forum has the following primary objectives:

  • Facilitate new discoveries both globally and locally through the exposure to the state-of-the-art research
  • Establish beneficial collaboration between international and local scientists and industry leaders
  • Increase the visibility and impact of breakthrough research
  • Exchange best practices and experiences among the participants of the Forum

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