Are you ready for Areni wine festival 2018?

Areni Wine Festival is the major wine festival of Armenia which is happening in the life of Armenians and the tourists in Armenia


Areni Wine Festival is one of the most favorite and popular festivals in Armenia.

Once you are in Armenia, make sure to visit this tasty festival where the mood is on the highest level due to the best atmosphere and the best wine in the whole world. As it is Armenia’s greatest wine festival, it goes without saying that you will be drinking a lot of wine.

Areni Wine Festival in ArmeniaActually, you will have a sheer opportunity to try the most popular Armenian wines that are quite successful in the local and European market. You just cannot miss this chance to taste wines of the country that is factually the pioneer of wine making

The Areni winery is a 6100 year old winery discovered in 2007 in the cave in Areni village. This winery is at least a thousand years older than the winery found in Judea and Samaria in 1963. The oldest shoe in the world was also found in this cave in 2008.

Areni Wine Festival is the major wine festival of Armenia which is happening in the life of Armenians and the tourists in Armenia. It was first organized in 2009, thus, this year the festival will be celebrating its 10 years’ anniversary.

Areni wine festival 2012Areni Wine Festival is an annual event. The festival is popular with the degustation of the best Armenian wines made in different regions of Armenia – Vayots Dzor, Ararat, Armavir and Tavush. The show, which includes dances, songs, performances, games and so on are included in the program as well.

Areni Wine Festival 2018

This year, in 2018 Areni Wine Festival is going to represent different types of wine and cheese together with a fantastic show.

• Date: October 6, 2018
• Time: 12:00 — 17:00
• Place: Areni Village, Vayots Dzor Region of Armenia

Areni Wine Festival 2018 program

• The Opening Ceremony & wine-making performance
• Wine exhibitions and trade
• Tasting of the best wines made in Armenia
• The exhibition and trade of traditional food from the best Armenian restaurants
• Traditional music, dances, games, different types of performances

Tickets and Entrance

There is no ticket for entrance, but may want to taste unlimited number of wines – you can purchase a ticket costing around $5 (2,500 AMD) and try over 100 types of wine from 30 producers. The ticket of $5 includes a wine glass in a special bag, coupons, which provide an opportunity to taste unlimited number of wines of all Armenian wine producers.

These tickets can be purchased on the spot, from physical counters at the festival or in advance. For more information, you can contact with the organizers by writing to Areni Wine Festival Foundation’s Facebook page

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