Lumzag – The world’s smartest and secure bag


How it is unique
Packed with the most unique innovative features a backpack has ever offered

  • Inside Light
  • Wireless Charger and Power Bank
  • WI-FI Everywhere
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Back View Camera
  • Missing Item Reminder
  • Remote Anti-Theft Alarm and Open Alert

Lumzag smart bag & luggage

Wireless Charger and Built-in Power Bank

Charge your phone wirelessly on the go
A power bank ensures energy for all day long
Charge your smartphone, tablet and laptop simultaneously
Power bank is removable, making Lumzag TSA-friendly

Lumzag innovative backpack

Missing Item Reminder

Get notified if you happen to forget to put something important in your backpack
Set your daily belongings list in the app and be sure that nothing of your list is missing
Special sensors will track all your stuff

lumzag secure bag

Back View Camera

Your extra set of eyes in the urban jungle
See on the smartphone screen what is going on behind
Handy for cyclists: no need to turn your head before changing lanes
Know the person who tries to open your backpack

Lumzag innovative backpack made in Armenia

Remote Anti-Theft Alarm and Open Alert

Activate the security mode via smartphone app
Get notified every time your backpack is tampered with
Set off high-pitched alarm is when the distance between you and your backpack is above maximum
Easily detect someone who tries to steal your backpack

Lumzag made in Armenia

Real Time Tracking

Always see the exact location of your backpack regardless the distance
Track your backpack wherever you are
Never get stressed if you left your backpack behind or it is stolen

Lumzag smart bag & luggage

Wi-Fi Everywhere

Internet access in any part of the world at an affordable price
Never stay without connection in any part of the globe

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