The most hyped startups at Web Summit 2017

These are the 25 startups that have received the most interest, and with 12 software startups in the top 25, it seems that Web Summit 2017 is all about code.

Some of the world’s most influential companies have joined us at Web Summit at the start of their respective journeys. Stripe, OnePlus, Nest, and Uber have all joined us when they were still early-stage startups. We’re continuing to see startups of that calibre at Web Summit.
As Venture, our invite-only meeting of the world’s most influential tech investors, kicks off today, we’ve been looking at the startups that our 1,400 attending investors are most excited about. Many of our investors are taking part in Office Hours, a programme we run between our startups and investors, where investors can request to meet startups for 15-minute meetings.
These are the 25 startups that have received the most interest, and with 12 software startups in the top 25, it seems that Web Summit 2017 is all about code.
Enterprise | DigitalGenius brings practical applications of deep learning and AI to customer service operations of leading companies
Software | Deepomatic empowers businesses by delivering tailor-made computer vision AI and ensuring they get the most out of their images.
Fintech | Clark provides the right insurance cover at little effort through smart robo-technology and human experts.
Enterprise | Recast.AI is the leading AI bot platform in enterprise customer service
Software | Cosmo Tech is a global technology company that helps the C-suite make optimal decisions with augmented intelligence.
Software | Contentful is the essential content management infrastructure for projects of any size, with its flexible APIs and global CDN.
Software | Tellmeplus is the first automated embedded AI platform for asset and customer intelligence.
Software | FINALCAD is a global leader in digital transformation for construction, infrastructure, energy and concessions.
Software | timify is overhauling the appointment booking industry by fulfilling the needs of B2B/B2C with a cross-platform app, online marketplace and API.
Software | Seerene provides performance management for software development to help CIOs understand productivity, set the dials, and drive results.
Software | Understand and be understood around the world with Unbabel’s AI-powered, human-refined translation as a service.
eCommerce | Technology leads the change of the trillion dollar shipping industry. iContainers drives the future of ocean freight into it.
Hardware & IoT | Snips is an AI-powered voice assistant you can add to your products. It runs on-device and is private by design.
Fintech | Easy Payment Gateway is a payment platform that connects merchants to payment solutions by a drag and drop unique system and a full management suite.
Hardware & IoT | Formlabs designs and manufactures powerful and accessible 3D printing systems for engineers, designers, and manufacturers around the globe.
Software | Industrial planning and scheduling powered by AI.
Travel | is a booking platform for private accommodation exclusively dedicated to business travel, offering 130.000 apartments
Software | Maps and wayfinding for smart buildings
Hardware & IoT | nello make existing intercoms smart to enable unattended deliveries and services in cities
Fintech | We provide a mobile payment scheme for Europe. It is fast, secure and simple. We hold not personal data and offer value added services.
Software | A SaaS solution for mobile apps empowering marketing and product teams with growth tools to maximise user acquisition and social engagement.
Software | SDK for connectivity, even without internet.
Fintech | An online and mobile payment platform with unified experience for cards, bitcoins and more. Ready for PSD2. Built for developers.
Software | The RunKeeper for sales teams – a mobile CRM bringing field sales teams to the next level using gamification
Big Data | Ultra-Scalable full ACID SQL database, combining operational and analytical capabilities in a single database to deliver real-time big data.

And it doesn’t end there. Check out the next 75 on our list.

  • IntelAgent
  • PhotoLemur
  • Sevdesk
  • Virgil Security, Inc.
  • Shelfalytics
  • Geoblink
  • Sirenum
  • FinReach
  • Hostmaker
  • TheMotion
  • DefinedCrowd
  • jexia
  • VividQ
  • BloqHouse
  • Latch
  • Blurrt
  • Gentoo App
  • Brennus Analytics
  • Quarkslab
  • AISmart Inc.
  • Quiqup
  • Intelligent Flying Machines, Inc.
  • Datum Foundation
  • deepstreamHub
  • ReVibe Energy
  • Tapoly ltd
  • Healcloud
  • Skyeton
  • SettleMint
  • NFWare
  • Duely
  • Tilak Healthcare
  • OptimiCDN
  • Yroo
  • ledgys
  • Clerk.AI
  • Unbotify
  • ejust
  • AirWayBill, S.L.
  • Apiax
  • Zero Element
  • ROI Hunter
  • innospot
  • Streembit
  • ETHLend
  • Eccentrade
  • Atlas Biomed Group
  • Swisspay
  • B-Guest
  • Fintech Server
  • Practio
  • Reemo Health
  • Viddyoze
  • DealMatrix GmbH
  • Nexchange
  • Nousplatform
  • Sharpe Capital
  • Swipecart
  • Reputation Transfer
  • Lendflo
  • Buyer Brain
  • Mursla
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