Ford Works with Microsoft’s HoloLens Technology

Ford is using Microsoft’s HoloLens to design more stylish cars for its customers ...


Ford is using HoloLens to let designers quickly model out changes to cars, trucks, and SUVs. This allows designers to see the changes on top of an existing physical vehicle, instead of the traditional clay model approach to car design.

Ford is using Microsoft's HoloLens to design cars

Ford is still using clay models, but the HoloLens can be used to augment additional 3D models without having to build every single design prototype with clay. Unlike with the clay models, which can weigh 5,000 or more pounds, designers with HoloLens can make instant changes to side mirrors, grilles, interiors and other vehicle elements. And they can do so without even getting their hands dirty. Ford is not the only automaker to utilize HoloLens technology. It’s one of the more interesting ways we’ve seen businesses use Microsoft’s HoloLens, and it’s something customers will never see.

The headsets can be synced so that multiple team members can view a design simultaneously, aiding the collaborative process. Team members can record audio notes as well. A faster design process also would allow auto makers to refocus their efforts on innovation as they strive to beat rivals to the finish line — or at least to the showroom floor.Mixed reality technology can’t yet replace all physical testing, but it can increase dramatically the pace of development efforts.

Microsoft is planning to hold a Windows Mixed Reality launch event on October 3rd in San Francisco. We should get a better idea of what apps and games we’ll see coming for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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